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While reading a few beauty blogs, I came across the Low Budget and High end tag. I wasn’t nominated to do this tag so I nominated myself. I would love for you beauties to join me in answering the questions below.

Q: Do you have more low budget or high end products in your makeup collection?

A: Low Budget

Q: Low Budget or High-end Mascara?

A: Low Budget! I can’t push myself to pay more than $10 for mascara, even then I don’t want too.

Q: Low Budget or High-end Foundation?

A: Low Budget again. I own a lot of low budget foundations that I’m obsessed with.

Q: Low Budget or High-end Eye Shadow Palettes?

A: High-end, It can be hard finding a good low budget eye shadow.   

Q: Which product do you always buy from a high-end brand?

A: Setting Powder

Q: Which product do you always buy from a low budget brand?    

A: Concealer

Q: What product did you use to buy High-end, but you have you now switched out for a budget variety?

 A:  Lip stick, I started out buying high end lipstick until I found a huge variety of low budget lipstick that last just as long as high-end.          

Q: Why doesn’t this product have a low budget equivalent?

A: I don’t have one

Q: There is no luxury makeup product that can hold a candle to this budget product?

A: If I had to choose one, I would say liquid eye liner.

Q: Would you rather spoil yourself with 10 cheap items or 1 expensive item?

A: 10 cheap items. I can do more with those 10 items then I could with that 1 expensive item.

   I hope you enjoyed this blog!

Post your answers below I would love to hear from you.

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4 responses to “Low Budget and High-end Tag”

  1. Janay Avatar

    I buy powder foundation and concealer high end, but everything else is low budget for me!

  2. Lexi Avatar

    I’m frugal so this relates to me completely!

    1. AliciaDion Avatar

      Same here. Thanks for reading

  3. supersweetserendipityblog Avatar

    Ahhh love this tag!!!

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