Feburary Favorites

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February has come and gone. Which brings me to my February favorites. The products that I’m going to be mentioning in this weeks blog are my favorite products that I’ve used through out the entire month of February. Some of the products are new items and some aren’t. I hope you enjoy this blog 🙂

I would love to know what your February Favorites are, comment below in the comment section.

  1. SHRAY
    Ms. Amazing: Sensitive, Dry Skin Moisturizing Mask

    I received my first mask in my monthly Ipsy  glam bag.  This mask worked so well on my skin I had to purchase a box of them.  My skin felt very hydrated and soft. The packaging is so cute. The mask fit my skin perfectly. I recommend people with sensitive and dry skin to use this mask. snapchat-504555566

  2. L’Oreal Paris INFALLIBLE Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray

    I’m late to this setting spray. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this setting spray. Whenever, I would go into Target or Walmart its never in stock. While shopping in my local Walgreen’s I saw they had it and I got it. I’ve been using this setting spray for the entire month of February. Sadly, I’m almost done with the bottle. I definitely recommend this setting spray. snapchat-1750175494

  3. Choice ORGANIC TEAS Tea Bag, Beauty Detox

    Tea (hot tea) has been my new obsession. I found this tea at my local Home Goods store. I read the ingredients and I wanted to try it. The purpose of this tea is to clear the way for healthy, vibrant skin. The natural fragrant blends encourages your body’s natural detox process. Ingredients: Aromatic jasmine green tea (supports skin health). Burdock root (detoxification dynamo that aids liver function to promote clear skin from the inside out). And chamomile (calms sensitive skin). I have seen improvement in my skin. It’s very refreshing. This tea  will continue to be apart of my beauty regimen. snapchat-662705542

  4. Estée Lauder Double Wear All BB Moisture Makeup                               Broad Spectrum SPF 30

    Can we get a moment of silence for this BB cream. I’ve been using this BB cream for a few years now and it’s still a everyday favorite of mine. During the week I like to wear BB cream because it’s so gentle on the skin. It’s not as heavy as foundation. The formula is moisturizing, creamy and has great coverage. A little goes a long way. snapchat-1960684503

      5. Ogx Healing + Vitamin E Penetrating Oil

Y’all this oil is EVERYTHING!!! It’s so light weight and smells amazing. I love this oil. It’s great for all hair types. Vitamin E helps to smooth the surface of hair while penetrating moisture. Helps increase strength and elasticity. I used this oil every morning during the month of February. I received this oil in my Curl Kit monthly subscription box.  GO to your local Target, Walmart or any store and buy this oil. It’s that good.snapchat-1205567780

I hope you enjoyed this blog!

What are your February Favorites?

Comment below, I would love to hear from you!


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Edition: 1

Join in the lives of three beautiful women going through the trails of of friendships, relationships , self-worth and beauty.

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