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I’m back this week with my favorite drugstore Lip Gloss. This is another product one of my friends introduced me to. I was in Kroger’s on the cosmetic aisle looking for some lip gloss when my friend suggested that I try Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss. I’m so glad I listened. I fell in love as soon as I applied the very first coat.

You’re guaranteed to find empty tubes of lip gloss all over my house and car. Before I wore makeup, lip gloss was the only makeup item I had. I have huge lips, with that being said I’m very particular in what kind of lip gloss that I purchase. I mainly, look for moisture, texture and thickness (Thick enough to last) . I don’t mind paying no more than $15 for a great tube of lip gloss, but in this case I paid less than $6. Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss met all of my requirements. With just two coats my juicy lips are set! For the price, it lasted as long as I needed it to.

This lip gloss works well as a top coat over your lip stick and alone. I love how inexpensive it is. Every girl needs a great tube of lip gloss.

There’s a huge variety of shades. Here’s my Top four.

  1. Solar Coral Snapchat-2083766056

  2. Pink Pop Snapchat-321875404

  3. Super Natural Snapchat-1735426360

  4. Desert Spice Snapchat-198945885

    This Lip Gloss is priced at $5.97 at your local Walmart.


What’s your ride or die Lip Gloss?

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