FAQ: Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions

No more mascara needed! Our eyelash extensions are individually and carefully placed to merge with your eyelashes creating a look that’s meant for a queen like you! You can choose from our signature 30-minute Lady or Princess sets or opt for more drama with our Duchess and Queen Bee lashes.

* All lash looks are determined by the length of your appointment and the number of natural lashes you have.

What’s the difference between the sets?
  • Classic (8mm – 15mm) – 1 extension to 1 natural lash.​
  • HYRID (Volume (8mm – 15mm) – 2 – 6 light weight extensions to 1 natural lash.(hand made fans)
    • CLASSIC SET (1.5 – 2 hours)
    • Classic & Hybrid Set (1.5 – 2hours)
  • We do everything by time, ultimately the longer you sit the more lashes you’ll have applied, creating a fuller or less full look.
How often do I need a fill?
  • You lose between 2 – 4 lashes per day per eye.
  • Get a refill between 2 – 3 weeks depending on how many natural lashes you have.
How do I remove my lashes?
  • We recommend scheduling an appointment to have them removed professionally to avoid injuring yourself or pulling out your lashes.
  • Another option includes letting them grow off naturally.
Are these going to damage my natural lashes?
  • Not if it’s done by a licensed, trained professional. One extension should go on one natural lash, which allows your natural lashes to grow naturally.
  • Signs of damage:
    • Consistent itching
    • Soreness
Can I put my mascara on my lash extensions?
  • Mascara will shorten the lifespan of your lashes and will clump your lashes.
  • It is not recommended. If you feel like you need to put on mascara, consider getting a fuller set.
What kind of customization can I get?
  • Choose color; black, different shades of brown, blonde, any color of rainbow
  • Choose length; we mix at least 3 lengths to get a natural look and only use 8mm-14mm
  • Choose curl type; B,C, AND D
  • Choose dimension (how many dimensions do you want on a lash extension?)
    • For volume only, 2 dimensions or 2D is equal to 2 lashes per fan and you can get up to 6D
  • Choose shape

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