About: AliciaDion


Hi beauties💋

Bio: I’m a 29 year old mother of one,  embarking on my new journey as a certified esthetician. I have always loved taking care of my skin. I would watch so many GRWM videos on YouTube and cleansing routines. I would also be zoned for hours watching makeup tutorials.

Skin care is my passion, its what I love.  I started this blog so I can chat about inexpensive beauty supplies, new skincare products and of course makeup. I want this to be the outlet for all beauties.

Here is where I want to let my hair down and talk about all things beauty; the good and the ugly. You can look forward to DIY Natural hair and body product recipes. There will also be product reviews/ discussions about makeup, natural hair products, fashion, health, and books.

Feel free to join/follow my weekly blog discussions. To stay connected, be sure to follow my blog down below and on my social sites

Beauty to me ranges in so many different areas. I believe that beauty is what you believe it to be. Just be authentic!


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